A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

As many of our students prepare for their careers in the medical and dental industries, it becomes increasingly important to prepare students for the daily tasks and duties in the professional world as well as the theoretical framework it will take for them to get there. While medical assistants, including those who study phlebotomy, may […]

How Phlebotomists Determine Blood Type

As students work their way through to becoming a Medical Assistant, they will study a number of different aspects to the trade–EKG technology, patient care technology and billing and coding can all be crucially important aspects of the curriculum. However, many will leave our courses, and move onto an internship or career where drawing blood […]

Inside and Outside Dental Radiology

For those outside of the medical and dental fields, it can be surprising at just how much technology goes into our health and hygiene, and how desperately we have come to rely on this technology. While many think of dental radiology as a technological achievement that merely dictates whether or not you might have a […]

A Guide to New Jersey Career Schools

Are you interested in a career in one of the most exciting industries today? Many of the top career schools in New Jersey offer degrees in a wide range of prosperous fields, including science, technology and healthcare. Among those schools is Advanced Career Institute (ACI). As you begin the next chapter of your life at […]