Dental Assistant with Radiology

Are you looking for a stable career with continual innovation and variety? Do you enjoy working with people? If so, becoming a dental assistant might be for you. As one of the best dental assistant schools in NJ, our programs provide hands-on skills and knowledge in the technical areas of dentistry and the business aspects of a dental office.

Dental Assisting Program Educational Objective

The objective of the Dental Assistant Training Program is to help students to acquire satisfactory dental assisting skills and demonstrate competence in a variety of dental office procedures and laboratory techniques. The procedures and lab techniques include: preliminary examination procedure, assisting chair side using fourhanded dentistry, charting, appointment scheduling, keeping patients’ records, and sterilizing instruments.

Under direct supervision of a dentist the qualified assistant may perform expanded functions such as intraoral procedures in restorative dentistry and oral surgery. The assistant qualified in radiology may also take and expose radiographs.

Upon satisfactory completion of the Dental Assistant training, students will be qualified to assume entry-level positions as a dental assistant in dental offices and clinics performing the lab techniques and office procedures described above. dental assisting schools in NJ

Our Dental Assistant Programs includes classroom, clinical, and lab instruction, and a 100 hour internship program is available. Dental Assistant students are evaluated in all areas of professional development including applicable spelling, terminology, theory, and performance skills.

As one of the premier dental assisting schools in NJ, our training is best suited for those seeking employment in New Jersey. Individual States have adopted different standards for dental assistants who perform certain advanced duties, such as radiological procedures. Completion of the Radiation Health and Safety examination offered by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) meets those standards in more than 30 States. Some States require completion of a State-approved course in radiology as well.

Certification is available through DANB and is recognized or required in more than 30 States. Other organizations offer registration, most often at the State level. Certification is an acknowledgement of an assistant’s qualifications and professional competence and may be an asset when one is seeking employment.

Job Outlook

Job prospects for dental assistants are excellent—upon graduation from dental assistant school, New Jersey dental assistants have a strong chance of being employed. In fact, the occupation of dental assistant is expected to be one of the fastest growing over the 2010-2018 projection period.